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What is each device type?

All ear listings are not "a la carte". You must select ears + select a base + select a bow. Add each on individually to your cart. 

Just Interchangeable Ears: You are purchasing ONLY the ears. This option does not include a headband, hat or bow. For bow selection please visit Interchangeable Bows listing.

Single Ear: You are selecting only one ear to add to your collection. This is great for mixing and matching. Please note your selection in the instructions to seller in your shopping cart. 

Interchangeable Headband Base: Our magnetic headband is for use with all our other interchangeable ears. Headband measures 1" and covered in grosgrain for extra comfort. Magnetic interchangeable ears and bows not included. 

Interchangeable Hat Band Base: Our magnetic hat band is for use with all our other interchangeable ears. Magnetic interchangeable ears and bows not included. The magnetic hat band is placed on the underside of any hat you own. Ears magnetize over top, causing zero damage! Hat band is comfortable and can barely be felt. 



How does 3D Printing work? Why does it take so long?

3D printing is the process of making a three-dimensional object by melting various materials, in our case biodegradable plastic, and laying down many thin layers in succession. A typical one color printed ear takes about 2 hours. A full set of single color ears can take between 3-8 hours from start to completion (this includes total printing time and assembly). Multicolor and custom ears can take up to 10 hours to complete. Sometimes prints require post-processing such as sanding, painting, gluing, and sealing.

A 3D printer involves a lot of maintenance and tweaking. Factors such as temperature, moisture, and leveling can affect the way filament is melted and the ultimate look of the final print. Many times, printers can also clog and the beds must be re-calibrated and leveled.

Shipping and Processing Times

Processing time is not the same as shipping time. Paying for expedited shipping will NOT change the processing time of orders. While we try and create them more quickly, please allow at least 4 weeks plus shipping time for delivery. All items are shipped via USPS first class mail and typically take 3 days. While we try to work with clients if items are needed sooner, it is not guaranteed.

Care Instructions

Prolonged exposure in intense heat may damage or warp the PLA. Do not leave in the exposed sun in a car for extended periods of time. While 3D printed ears are extremely durable and are theme park tested and approved, we will not refund or replace ears that have been damaged or lost after delivery. Please take proper precautions to ensure their safekeeping.

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