Droid Ear Collection
A pair of 3D printed mouse ears depicting R2-D2 and C-3P0 atop a headband with an iridescent silver bow
A 3D printed mouse ear depicting R2-D2 on its face
A 3D printed mouse ear depicting C-3P0 on its face
Droid Ear Collection
Droid Ear Collection
Droid Ear Collection

Droid Ear Collection

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To make a set, select and add 2 designs to your cart. Each ear is sold individually.

These ARE the droids you're looking for! Need some co-pilots for your next visit to Batuu in Galaxy's Edge? Need to smuggle some top-secret Death Star plans for the Rebellion? What about needing a translator fluent in over 6 million languages? Then show some love to your favorite plucky astromech and chatty protocol droid with these 3D-printed, interchangeable mouse ears! 

Please note: This listing is just for interchangeable ears only, bow and base are not included. If you do not currently own one of our interchangeable bases, please purchase one from our interchangeable basics collection

More information on our ears can be found here: https://scullsquared.com/pages/faqs

Care Instructions: Not to worry, these droids are surprisingly resilient and require minimal maintenance. These ears are made of biodegradable PLA. Please do not expose to extreme heat, such as inside a hot car, or place in the dishwasher as plastic may warp or melt. 

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